2009-2016 Mobile-MiniGolf
About the Greens
The   greens   are   made   of   modular   pieces   of   soft non-flammable   materials*   and   have   no   impact on    walls,    floors    or    furniture.    The    sizes    and shapes   of   the   pieces   allow   us   to   accommodate almost any space. The    greens    are    very    durable    and    can    be walked   upon   in   regular   shoes.   22   unique   holes are    in    our    current    inventory    with    another    5 under   development   and   another   6   in   design. Our   goal   is   to   make   sure   you   never   play   the exact same Mobile-MiniGolf course twice!
*MSDS are available for your review.
Testing the firmness of one of the greens.
The Greens
Some holes reach great heights in difficulty.
A two-tiered turn.