2009-2019 Mobile-MiniGolf
Clients Served
                Employee Tournaments Mobile-MiniGolf   is   an   interactive,   all   inclusive   and   really   fun   activity   designed   to team   up   individuals   who   together   will   negotiate   a   set   of   9   or   18   minigolf   holes delivered to you and set up in the common spaces of your office. But   the   miniature   golf   course   is   just   the   foundation   we   use   to   turn   an   Employee Appreciation   Day,   a   Holiday   Party    or   a   few   hours   of   Friday Afternoon   Fun    into a truly memorable, competitive and connective company event. During   our   pre-event   visit   when   we   design   the   flow   of   your   course,   we   take   the opportunity   to   share   with   you   the   many   ways   create   diverse   teams   and   engage   the employees before, during and after the event.
Here is a sampling of some of our diverse corporate clientele with many having us return year after year as a much anticipated annual employee event.
Tournament Formats We   are   the   Masters   of   organizing   employee   tournaments   and   use   3   formats   of   mini-golf   play   to   accommodate the   needs   of   the   business   as   well   as   the   number   of   employees   who   will   be   participating.   We’ve   found   for   most gorups a 9-hole event provides a satisfying activity without taking too much time away from the workday. Shotgun Start: For   companies   with   around   50   employees   or   less   we   offer   a   9-hole   “Shotgun   Start”   tournament.   9   teams   of   4-5 players   begin   at   the   same   time   at   different   holes.   All   teammates   play   every   golf   hole   and   make   their   way around   the   course   in   about   45   minutes.   Afterward,   everyone   is   gathered   for   a   tournament   recap   along   with   a trophy ceremony emceed by the staff of Mobile-MiniGolf. Companies   with   50-100   employees   can   add   additional   golf   holes   to   accommodate   up   to   18   teams   of   4-5 players. An 18-hole Shotgun Start tournament takes about 90 minutes to play. 9-hole Tee-Time Format: Depending   on   the   number   of   employees,   larger   companies   can   choose   an   event   that   lasts   a   few   hours,   all   day or   an   event   that   spans   many   days.   With   12   slots   available   per   hour,   teams   can   choose   which   45   minutes   works best   for   them   to   participate   in   the   company   tournament. This   format   provides   flexibility   around   the   work   day   and up   to   380   people   (76   teams   of   5)   can   play   the   9-hole   course   in   7   hours!   Teams   record   their   score   on   the tournament leaderboard and the champions are determined after the last round. 9 or 18-hole Open Free Play: Some   companies   opt   for   a   less   structured   activity   and   choose   to   have   9   or   18   golf   holes   set   up   and   available for individuals and ad hoc teams to enjoy as time permits.