Company History
Randolph,   Massachusetts   1987.   Just   out   of   college   and   wanting to   throw   a   blockbuster   house   party,   Joe   and   his   roommates decided   to   turn   their   whole   house   into   a   miniature   golf   course.     Joe   laid   out   the   course   and   began   building   the   obstacles   out   of cardboard,    tape    and    imagination.        The    roommates    invited everybody    they    knew    and    on    a    Saturday    night    in   April    The Enclosed   Open    became   lore   and   legend   and   one   wild   party story to tell. The   crazy   holes   and   their   crazier   names;   the   sound   of   whoops and    cheers    coming    from    different    parts    of    the    house,    the      boasting   of   putting   holes-in-one   remained   a   great   memory   until reminiscing    and    brainstorming    over    a    dinner    in    2008    made everything    come    together    to    create    the    concept    of    Mobile- MiniGolf.
Randolph, Massachusetts.  Venue for The Enclosed Open.
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