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Randolph,    Massachusetts    1987.    Recently    out    of    college    and wanting    to    throw    a    blockbuster    house    party,    Joe    and    his roommates   decided   to   turn   their   whole   house   into   a   miniature   golf course.      Joe   laid   out   the   course   and   began   building   the   obstacles out   of   cardboard,   tape   and   imagination.      The   roommates   invited everybody    they    knew    and    on    a    Saturday    night    in    April    The Enclosed     Open      became     lore     and     legend     that     would     be remembered as a really fun party. People   showed   up   wearing   all   sorts   of   golf   attire   to   play   18   crazy holes    that    meandered    through    out    the    house.    The    Driving Range (kithchen)   Laundry   Shoot (bedroom)   Hell   Hole (fireplace) were   some   of   the   crazy   holes.   Cheers   came   from   all   parts   of   the house   and   the   purse   was   rewarded   to   the   player   with   the   low score. That night set in motion the concept of Mobile-MiniGolf.
Randolph, Massachusetts.  Venue for The Enclosed Open.
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