Frequently Asked Questions
Can you set up outside? Yes, the course can be set up outside on hard flat surface such as a parking lot, walkways or courtyards.  We prefer indoor events because regardless of the weather, your event will go on as planned. How many golf holes do you bring? We have an inventory of 24 unique and different golf holes but most groups host a 9-hole tournament. When space is available we like to bring a bonus 10th hole with a unique challenge for the teams to finish their round. How long does it take to set up? We usually arrive a couple of hours prior to your event but it only takes about an hour to set up 9-holes. Breakdown is also about one hour. How much space do you need to set up inside?  Our golf holes are much longer than other portable minigolf outfits and are therefor much more fun to play. Each hole is between 12 and 24 feet long and has the feeling of a traditional brick and mortar Putt-Putt course. A 9-hole course fits safely and comfortably in 2,300sq-ft (48x48) but each hole can be shortened as needed to fit your available space. The greens are narrow enough to be set up in hallways and other public areas. Do you help run the event? Yes. After we set up the course a staff member of Mobile-MiniGolf remains on site during your entire event. We are usually at the Starters Table to greet the teams, size each player with the correct putter, provide putting lessons, explain the layout of the course and take team photos. How much does it cost? A 9-hole Shotgun tournament for 30-60 employees is priced at a flat rate of $795. Larger events lasting all day and accommodating 300+ employees are priced at an hourly rate and the cost can be as little as $4.50 per person. College events are also priced at an hourly rate beginning with a 2-hour event at $1,125. E-mail us via our contact page and we will happily send you more details on our events and pricing. How long does a Tee-Time event last? We organize your event with 12 Tee-Times per hour. With 4-5 players per team, that allows for 55 players per hour and 380 players in a 7 hour day. We’ll help you choose the right amount of time so as many employee as possible will be able to join in the tournament. Each team takes about 45 minutes to play 9-holes. Do you set up 18-hole events? Of course we do! Do you have the space? How long does a Shotgun tournament take to play? A shotgun tournament with 60 players takes about 1.5 hours from start to finish. Fifteen minutes at the beginning to get everybody sized with putters and to review the tournament rules; one hour to play the 9-hole course and another 20 minutes to tabulate the scores, listen to victory speeches, organize a group photo and award the trophies (yes, we provide trophies!) Do you bring scorecards? Yes. With your input we design a custom scorecard cover for your event. We print them off and bring them to your tournament along with a Leaderboard. Do you use real golf balls? Yes. We use real golf balls and the course is designed to keep the ball contained on the green. Is it safe? Yes. Mobile-MiniGolf is all about the short game and we reinforce that by providing putting lessons as needed so novice players know how to hold the putter and properly (and safely) hit the ball. We take the opportunity to do a site visit before your event and design a layout that does not block exits and accommodates the needs of the business. Do you carry insurance? Yes and if necessary we can add your entity as a co-insurer for your event. Can it be set up on grass or a lawn? The course needs a hard flat surface to be set up on. It was not designed to be set up on grass or lawns. Carpeted surfaces inside are ideal. Do you do children’s birthday parties? No, not often.  However, we love to set up in Public Libraries and have families play together while exploring the nooks and crannies of the building. We have putters for all ages making it an enjoyable activity for everybody. Do you provide a discount for 501(c)(3)’s? Yes. Many non-profits use Mobile-MiniGolf as a fund-raising event by soliciting sponsors for each golf hole and/or by holding a raffle to play with a local celebrity.
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